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michael jones

I like adds connceted with women's outdoor apparel! They are so sexy and i just love them.


none of your works were advertised in billboard?


GOSH! I have never seen anything quite like these before. WOW! They're all over the place. In comparison there are no billboards in on most UK city roads.


could be an art, could be a visual sore...depends on how one sees it. for me it's long as they don't cause accident during storms adn typhoons.


They certainly like their billboards big and in-your-face over there!


Nice to see the billboards that are displayed back there. I was surprised to see Kate Hudson up there.

[t e r r o r k i t t e n]

Another great series Sidney and I must say I was surprised to see you move away from the more traditional angle.....I love these. They have become such a dominant feature in most of our lives.....wish I had the time to comment on all of them but great work. Phil


I like how you focused on ordinary objects with this series and made them interesting.


youth sells everywhere


offensive to public decency

hmm but what is offensive to me may not be offensive to somebody else ..


I would imagine after a while one would become immune to the advertising and the sights of the billboards.


Les publicités sont un très bon document pour connaitre une civilisation,ses désirs , ses interets , ses attentes .
Comme toujours , c'est un plaisir de retrouver vos photos .
A bientot .

Ladybug's Leaf

In Boston of course there are billboards along the highway, but it appears that every little space along the highway in Manila is filled with giant billboards. Even though I find them annoying I can't help but stare at them as I drive by (well, I'm not the one doing the driving, so it's okay). I wonder why we're so compelled to look at these things even though we just saw them the day before, and the day before that?


Love those skinny jeans. They make a girl look taller!

But seriously, they're polluting the environment.

19 Seconds Of Spring

Great ads... Beautiful series...


Another excellent series Sidney! True and honest Philippines...

Ashwathy Nair



Thanks for dropping by my site!

I've read before that Metro Manila is filled with endless streams of billboards. And from your pictures, I now get a clearer view of what the imagery I had in mind earlier.



billboards, billboards everywhere! as an aspiring photographer, it'll be great to have a BIG billboard along EDSA or C5 someday. but then again, it's distracting to the motorists and can be dangerous as we hear about billboard skeletons crashing to the highway during strong winds and other similar accidents.


I guess for these celebrities, it's a sign of success to have a massive billboard?


It's a very interesting theme (how to improve city life in this million city), intrigueing too, I have some elements of an opinion ready but I am going to read the article of Patricia Faustino first (read the beginning but need to find some time to read it all). Your pictures on this subject are great.


I'll admit: some of the women on these billboards look good.
So what?


Very impressive billboards! I think i would not like see them in Paris... In India they was integrated in the landscape...perhaps a part of dream, as you say.:-)


Last summer I went to an exhibition with billboards in New York. Amazing. Impressive.

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